Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 before 30 updates

30 before 30

I hate to say it but I am NOT doing too well with this list...

1. Be published

2. Get Married

3. Go to California

4. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
5. Own a good set of dishes that match
6.Go on a family vacation
7.Run in a charity race
8.Sponsor a Child
9. Go to Washington D.C.-We are going next summer for a friend's wedding
10. Learn how to make Buckeye Cookies
11. Learn how to make kolachi
12.Go back to school
13. Go White Water rafting
14. Take my mom on a vacation
15. Get a tattoo to represent my family
16.Go to an Ohio State game at the Shoe
17. Clean out my bedroom at my Mom's house
18.Catch a fish
19.Go Camping
20. Go to a winery
21. Learn how to crochet- In process
22.Learn how to sew
23. Plant a garden
24.See a movie in 3-D
25.Make a Thanksgiving Dinner
26. Learn to swim
27.Have a fun spa weekend with some friends
28.Go to a water park
29.Go to a movie alone- I tried pulled in the parking lot and then chickened out. I WILL DO THIS!!!
30. Spend a whole day being lazy

So as you can see I am doing terrible but I have 4 more years to go!