My 30 before 30

So here is it, my 30 things to do before I turn 30 (in 4 years). Surprisingly this list was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. They are not in any particular order and there's no rhyme or reason behind it, just a bunch of stuff I want to do, sooner or later, don't judge!

1. Be published (either for something in my profession or a personal writing)

2. Get married

3. Go to California

4. Swim in the Pacific Ocean

5. Own a good set of dishes that match

6. Go on a family vacation with all my little siblings (has never, ever been done)

7. Run in a charity race

8. Sponsor a child

9. Visit Washington D.C.

10. Learn how to make Buckeye Cookies like my Grandma (It's an Ohio thing)

11. Learn to bake Kolachi like my grandma and grandpa (it's a Polish thing)

12. Go back to school (either for my PhD or another Masters)

13. Go white water rafting

14. Take my mom on a cruise/vacation and be able to pay for it for her

15. Get a tattoo to represent my family

16. Go to a Ohio State game at the Shoe

17. Clean out my childhood bedroom at my mom's house

18. Catch a fish

19. Go camping

20. Go to a winery

21. Learn how to crochet from my step mom

22.Learn how to sew

23. Plant a garden

24. See a movie in 3-D

25. Make a Thanksgiving Dinner

26. Learn how to swim (I sorta know but would like to be able to save my own life if needed)

27. Have a fun getaway weekend/spa weekend some friends

28. Go to a water park ( I loved the one in the Bahamas and want to go to one for a whole day since we only had such a short time on the cruise)

29. Go to a movie alone

30. Spend a day being completely lazy and watch an entire season of a show (taking suggestions)

Hopefully I can complete all of these, some are a stretch and will take some money that I don't know if I will have but I think it will be fun to cross things off this list :)