Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're getting Married!!!

By far the best birthday/weekend I have ever had! More details coming soon!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Is August really 1/2 way over??

Where did the summer go? I mean seriously how is it August 19th and I will be turning 27 in 10 days? I am so not ready to say goodbye to this summer. I am sad I have been such a bad blogger but not sad that is was because I was out enjoying the only nice weather we see here in Ohio.

Last week I drove up to Toledo (on a school night haha) to see the rescheduled Lady Antebellum concert. And even though I had to wait an extra month (Hillary's grandmother passed away when they were supposed to perform in July) it was well worth the wait. I just love them and will be downloading their album 1st thing on September 13th :) So excited.

If you follow me on Twitter (@jessbay829) you know that my littlest brother was in the hospital this week. Thankfully he is home and recovering a little bit more each day. But let me just say listening to my sister say "I miss my mommy" followed by screaming for 4 hours the one night was NO FUN! Best birth control ever. I just wanted to say to her I miss your mommy too and cry with her cause there was just nothing else I could do :( But, all is well and good now.

In other holy Sh*t I am a grown up news...I went and looked at some townhouses last night..hated them but at least I met our realtor and gave her an idea of what I like.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the last buts of summer :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

30 Before I'm 30 Update

With my 27th birthday rapidly approaching at the end of the month I thought I would give an update on my list and well by update I mean a whole (maybe not entirely) new list. A lot has changed in my life since I wrote that list. I now live super close to my family, have changed career paths and have a totally different perspective on life, I feel. My goal for this list was always 2 things. 1. to push me outside of my comfort zone and 2. get me to do some things I have been putting off throughout my whole 20's. I am always open for new suggestions so feel free to leave some new ideas!

1. Write a book-even if I don’t publish it
2. Get Married
3. Go to California
4. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
5. Own a good set of dishes that match
6. Go Skiing (in the snow)
7. Run in a charity race
8. Organize all my stuff that has accumulated at my mother's house
9. Go to Washington D.C.
10. Learn how to make Buckeye Cookies
11. Learn how to make kolachi
12. Start working on Lauren’s life book
13. Go White Water rafting
14. Take my mom on a vacation
15. Get a tattoo to represent my family
16.Go to an Ohio State game at the Shoe
17. Buy a house
18. Catch a fish
19. Go Camping
20. Go to a winery/ wine tasting
21. Learn how to use Photo shop
22. Learn how to sew
23. Plant a garden
24. Go back to my undergrad to visit
25. Make a Thanksgiving Dinner
26. Go on a fun day/weekend trip with Josh and let him plan the whole thing (I am so OCD)
27. Have a fun spa weekend with my friend Kristen
28.Go to a water park
29.Go to a movie alone
30. Start an event planning side business :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Great Weekend

This weekend was so much fun. One of my very good friends from grad school came to visit for our annual summer baseball weekend :) So we hit up a Cleveland Indians game on Saturday. I will be honest the game didn't get good til about the 7th inning but we won with a walk off home run...AMAZING!!! It was a really good time and I was super proud of myself for doing an illegal U-turn and avoiding the crazy traffic since Taylor Swift concert let out at the exact time the game did!

Sunday turned into a fun family day starting with my little sister's final t-ball game where she got a trophy and was super proud of herself. Then we went home and played in the slip and slide and I actually did it. I have never in 26 years tried a slip and slide and I won't lie it was a really fun time, until this morning when I woke up with bruises and soreness all over my body. Getting old is for the birds.

Aren't they just the cutest family ever?!?!?!? I am so stinkin' lucky :)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!! Happy August!