Monday, May 24, 2010

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was by far a perfect day. It was finally a hot day after plenty of rainy ones and we got out in the sun and enjoyed it. It was a very unplanned day which is so very unlike me but I must say that it didn't bother me at all. We woke up and I looked outside and said...we should go to the zoo, so we went and actually bought a zoo membership since I think we will be making numerous trips this summer.

So after walking around the zoo, and my allergies getting the best of me my next spontaenous decision was...I want to have a we did. We don't have a grill at our apartment so we went to the grocery store, bought everything we needed and headed to Josh's parents house and had a great dinner outside on the porch.
This is from a visit to the zoo last fall, I was a bad picture taker this weekend :(

It was honestly the best start to the summer and made getting up and going to work today very difficult. At least next weekend is a 3 day weekend and we have a wedding to attend so hopefullhy the posts will be more regular as we get busier.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An interesting graduation

Friday night was the night our students had been waiting for all semester...commencement. They were finally done, time for a break. But leave it to Ohio weather to make the ordinary night very extraordinary.

We started the ceremony with a very moving salute to our veteran's and active service men and women. It started to rain and get windy (no biggie). Introduce our student commencement speaker, he starts to tell his story, mid-speech...the tornado sirens go off and instant panic enters the gym. Thankfully, the county Sheriff is an alum of our college and was there, told us not to worry and continue on with the ceremony but it was definitely interesting and scary. The audience couldn't even hear our featured speaker of the night over the pounding nickle size hail on the roof.

And...At the end of the night someone thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm. Needless to say, the drive home was a welcomed one and it was still pouring, pounding, scary to drive in rain.

A tornado did touch down not too far from campus but no one was injured so thank goodness for that.

And in all honesty I was said for the students because the weather ended up stealing their thunder (no pun intended lol)

Josh and I when I graduated with my Master's cause I hate pictureless posts :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Last Mothers Day I wrote this Letter to my Mother, and it all still rings true a year later and even though she is basking on the beaches of North Carolina today, I carry her in my heart every day, forever.

This year I want to write a letter to a woman who has been like a mother to me, and never really had to be, my step mom, Kerry.

Dear Kerry,

I have never understood why it's called "step" mom/dad when your parents get remarried. Not that I have any better suggestions but I still think its an odd choice after all this time. You have been the greatest step mom anyone could ask for. You came into my life when I was just a little girl and always made time to make sure I understood what was going on in such a confusing situtation. As I have grown up you have been a very important piece of me and my dad trying to mend our very broken relationship and I am so grateful to that. You have hugged me, and cried with me and welcomed me into your home at a last moment's notice more times that I can remember and most importantly you have given me the best gift of all. Those 4 crazy kids that I love more than words can ever say. Last weekend during yet another crisis with my car you looked at me and said "Your my kid too..I've put a lot of years into you" and at that moment I realized that even though you didn't give birth to me, and I've never lived under your roof that I am one of your children, always have been and always will be.

So as the card I sent in the mail states so simply, thank you for being like a mother to me. I am so so blessed to have two wonderful, supportive women in my life that I can go to for anything at all.

So to my Mother, to Kerry to all the Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day!