Thursday, June 24, 2010

My name is Jessica and I am a shopaholic

Really...I have a problem. I can not pass up a sale to save my life. Coupons on wonderful, sales are way better, but I have really got to get this spending under control definitely have not been keeping up with that New Year's resolution. If you live under a rock and have not heard, Old Navy is having a 30% off sale, so off we went last night. I really did need everything I bought last night (haha) talk about rationalizing.

I really needed some new shorts for vacation, bought a white simple tank for layering (cause you can never have too many), a pair of navy blue flip flops to go with the navy blue shorts I bought last week (I seriously have a problem) and a cute green shirt that was on sale and I only spent $30.00 that's not too bad, and honestly there was a really cute dress I wanted but told myself NO! haha

Well, if you have an Old Navy nearby I recommend stopping in cause they really do have some cute summer stuff!

Happy Friday!

Thankful Thursday, First Edition

Today I am thankful for a great deal of simple things....
So thankful for my family for coming up and visiting last weekend, even though it was by far the hottest, most humid weekend ever they didn't let that stop them
Thankful that my sister survived her very 1st sleepover and it was at
my house...I got no sleep getting up every 5 seconds to check on her but it was so worth it
So thankful for my wonderful friends, near and far who no matter what I know I can call and they will say "I'm just gonna let you cry for a minute" knowing that will make me feel much better
And let's be honest and trivial....I am so thankful for cold iced tea, air conditioning and that I have a pool about 20 feet away from my front door, oh yes and thankful for sunscreen cause this heat/humidity is killing me
Last but no least, so thankful for the opportunity to reunite with some very special sorority sisters this weekend! Can't wait to see my girls!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flip Flop Swap Gifts!!

When Jess @ All American Jess posted this swap I knew I had to particpate. Who doesn't love summer and who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail. Well, I love both of those things!!!

I had a wonderful swap partner Amy and loved everything I saw when I opened the box :)

Amy made it the pinkest box of gifts ever and that was awesome, since Pink is the best color there is! I just used the pink shovel to plant some flowers this week :)

Thanks for doing the swap Jess!

(Baseball) Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Last weekend I travelled ( I seem to do that every weekend) to Cleveland to meet up with one of my bestie friends, Candy. We met in grad school and there is no way I would have survived those 2 years without her. She now lives in Eastern Pennsylvania so we don't get to see each other much but I love that we make a point to get together as much as we can. While in grad school I did a great job of getting her to fall in love with the Cleveland Indians, so last weekend we had a fun filled baseball weekend, along with a fun night out on the town.

If you follow baseball, this picture above is of the Nationals pitcher "Strausburg" ( I don't remember his first name) but the game we saw was his 2nd MLB appearance and he did great, I didn't really see what all the hype was about, but oh well. Anyways, the Indians won one game and lost another so I guess it was an ok weekend for them. I was just happy it didn't rain.

Now, it is already the weekend, again and my Dad, Stepmom and the kids will be here sometime this afternoon, which we are very excited about.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

'I wish' .... I had the opportunity to change careers and it would be to become a an event planner!
I feel like we have been down this road before but it is honestly where my heart lies. I would love to do big corporate events at hotels and banquet facilities in a big city, with wedding planning on the side. Or I would love to help plan charity events and raise lots and lots of money for good causes. I often wonder how to you get a degree in "event planning?" I've got years of planning experience but never seem to even be considered for jobs in the field. Any ideas???
Don't get me wrong I do all sorts of event planning at my current job, and I love what I do but I am always up for an adventure.
There are all sorts of other careers I would love too (I have a hard time making up my mind) I would love to be a talk show host or an E corespondent, or a fashion designer, or a photographer, or a talent agent. Hahaha I have crazy dreams!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend with my Momma!

My wonderful mother came to visit this past weekend and I loved having her here. She always says she feels like she is on vacation when she is here :) We laid low on Friday night with dinner at Cracker Barrel mostly cause Josh will never go there with me. Then we hit up Kohl's for some super sales and Sonic for some milkshakes. YUM!!!

The weather forecast was unpleasant on Saturday but we were determined to get a trip at the zoo (I love having a membership) in so we got up early and headed that way, and as we were leaving it started to rain...we are awesome. Then came the impossible task of deciding where to go to dinner, I swear we have every restaurant known to man here in town. So we decided to hit up a locally owned Japanese Steakhouse hibachi place and it was so stinkin cool. They cooked the food on the table and we just had a great time.

Obviously the rest of Saturday involved the scary tornadoes (see post below) then sadly Mom had to head back home on Sunday.

But it was a great weekend and I am so excited that I have plenty of more fun weekends ahead filled with all sorts of visitors!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Please Pray

If you have been following the national news you know that some deadly tornadoes passed through the Midwest this weekend. The storm that touched down in Northwest Ohio was about 10 miles away from us, killing 7 people. Please pray for the families that have lost loved ones and the ones who have lost their homes.

Here are some pictures from a local fire and rescue.

A link to a very sad story about one of the victims

Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was a great 3 day weekend full of lots of fun!

On Fridays we get to leave work at 2:00 so as soon as I got home I got my swim suit on and headed to the pool, loved it! Then we hit up Cold*stone and had some super yummy ice cream

Saturday I laid by the pool for the majority of the morning again and soaked in the rays and it was AMAZING!!!! Oh how I love summer! Then we headed to a wedding where two of Josh's friends from high school got married and we got to see/meet several other high school friends of his, which was fun, listening to all their old high school band stories.

Here we are at the wedding dancing, looking super cute if I say so myself!

On Sunday I woke up and ran some errands then we met Josh's family and we went up to the lake and had dinner at a winery, which ended up being a disaster. Josh, me and his sister's boyfriend all ordered food from the "brick oven" menu and no joke our food came out 35 minutes after everyone else's so our not so lovely waitress brings out bread in the meantime, I love me a piece of bread but I was not amused just sitting there watching everyone eat. But at least the wine was good :)

Monday ended up being a yucky, rainy day but we headed to Jerry's (one of Josh's really good friends) 25th birthday party at his parent's house. The boys attempted to play corn hole but the rain ruined their fun.

Here we are with the other couples!

It was a great weekend with some great weather, and made getting up for work today super difficult!

Have a great Tuesday!