Saturday, February 6, 2010

I do not lose things!

Once again I have been a terrible blogger, we took my little brothers and sister to Chuck E Cheese last weekend and I of course picked up some nice kid germs and have been fighting a terrible cold all week, it has not been fun.

In other news, I think my gas company is crazy or my mailman needs a new job. We got the gas bill and I about fell over when I saw the total bill amount (twice as much as usual). After my initial freak out I looked carefully at the bill and saw there was a late fee and a notice that we did not pay ourlast bill, WHAT?!?!?!?! I gasped. So if you know me I immediately got the check book and looked and nope, I didn't pay a gas bill last month, then I searched through my little bill organizer and looked and looked and we NEVER GOT A GAS BILL LAST MONTH. Then I just started to get mad, I don't lose things I yelled to Josh as he just sat and looked at me like I was crazy. But I don't! Everything in this house has its place, and I know where everything is. I am convinced that the gas company wants people to pay their bills online (which I am just not ready for yet, I don't know why) so they are not sending out bills and then they are charging you late fees. It is a crazy person thought but I think it makes sense because if you pay bills online they don't have to pay postage and they will just email you the bill, etc. Anyways, that was my excitement of the week (sad I know).

Hopefully everyone is safe and warm, where my Mom lives they got 16 inches of snow, so far. We are OK, we only got a few inches.

Have a great Saturday!

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