Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An interesting graduation

Friday night was the night our students had been waiting for all semester...commencement. They were finally done, time for a break. But leave it to Ohio weather to make the ordinary night very extraordinary.

We started the ceremony with a very moving salute to our veteran's and active service men and women. It started to rain and get windy (no biggie). Introduce our student commencement speaker, he starts to tell his story, mid-speech...the tornado sirens go off and instant panic enters the gym. Thankfully, the county Sheriff is an alum of our college and was there, told us not to worry and continue on with the ceremony but it was definitely interesting and scary. The audience couldn't even hear our featured speaker of the night over the pounding nickle size hail on the roof.

And...At the end of the night someone thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm. Needless to say, the drive home was a welcomed one and it was still pouring, pounding, scary to drive in rain.

A tornado did touch down not too far from campus but no one was injured so thank goodness for that.

And in all honesty I was said for the students because the weather ended up stealing their thunder (no pun intended lol)

Josh and I when I graduated with my Master's cause I hate pictureless posts :)


  1. And a tornado in Fremont tonight too.... sheesh!

  2. it rained at my outdoor commencement! Talk about raining on my parade!

  3. Oh wow!! Congrats to all the students!

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