Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding Happy

Hello hello...yes I am alive and well and have a lot to update you all on!

Lots of changes have happened in my life...
  • Josh and I got engaged on August 27th and will be husband and wife on August 3rd 2012!!!!
  • As of October 31st at 7:00 p.m. I became a homeowner!!!!!!
We will be finally moving all the big stuff to the new house this weekend which means I will be able to start sleeping there!

Josh should be moving here very soon keep your fingers crossed for that

Overall life since moving back to Northeast Ohio is everything I have dreamed it could be. I was talking to my boss today at the airport this morning saying I never thought I would ever be this happy.

A lot (ok...all) of this blog has been a whole lot of me being miserable and whining and well that is going to change. I honestly thought about getting rid of the blog. Between work being insane, wedding planning and buying the house I just have not had time to keep up with reading and/or writing blogs but I decided I am going to keep up with this.
I know a lot of young woman struggle to find their place in the world and although I am still trying to find mine I feel like I have really starting living the life I am meant to live.

Since I have talked a lot about my weight watchers experience on here I will say that I have stopped tracking points pretty much for about 6 months and have not gained a pound! I am below my goal weight and am so happy with it. I bought a size small dress the other day...a small which is such unreal to me and have a total weight loss of 45 lbs!

I am in no way trying to be like oh look at me I am so happy, that is not my style at all. If you have followed and read my posts you know the past few years have been an incredible challenge and I want everyone to know about all the good stuff that is now happening for me!

I hope you will continue throughout this journey with us!



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