Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear Self,

You are getting married in 36 days. Not sure how time has flown by so quickly but it has.
Enjoy it.
Laugh at all the craziness and for the love of God calm down :) You are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who showered you with love last weekend and will continue to do so this weekend. 

Do not let people take these happy moments away from you. 

Love Josh. Remember that he is stressed too he just doesn't freak out like you do. But keep in mind how excited you both are to be starting this new life together. 

Enjoy people. Sitting in that hospital with your grandpa was a reality check. This time we have on earth is not endless. You will have to say goodbye to people some sooner than later. Soak it in and never take it for granted. 

Remember this time. You will look back and only think about the good not the bad. Have fun and embrace all the change that is about to happen. 


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