Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life Happens

I have been terrible at posting the past month. I will rationalize and blame moving and starting a new job, but I am vowing to get better if for no other reason so that I can remember this "interesting" time in my/our life. Things have been ok. I like my job... Josh transferred jobs out here but is not enjoying his at all, so he has begun another job search, no fun! He is also definitely planning to go to school come spring, so we are trying to save up for that as well. I make a little bit more money at my new job, but the cost of living here is much higher than before so I have been really stressed about making ends meet. Yet there are so many more fun things to do I have a hard time staying at home. Its a tough situation.

I have never really talked about any of our relationship problems on here, but I think it is important for me to write them so that I can look back and realize that our relationship is strong and we can survive anything. Josh and I are just in a funk. I use that word cause I don't know what other word to use. It just seems like we are not meshing well lately. I think he truth is I just need to find something to do for me. Josh loves football and obviously its football season so he is happy. I just need to find a fun, inexpensive hobby that I love..easier said than done.

This post is becoming long and pointless but nonetheless we are ok, we are still settling into our "new"life which I know will be full of ups and downs but I know we will be ok.

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  1. work and stress can def cause an unneeded funk! Don't worry, you will snap out of it :)