Friday, August 13, 2010

Book reviews

My wonderful friend Candy sent me the 1st LC book L.A. Candy a long time ago. I have been so behind on my reading that I had just sorta forgot it was even on my bookshelf, that was until I was packing for vacation. I picked it up and thought perfect beach read, not too thought provoking, teenage girl drama, easy read!
I will sadly admit that I loved it and had it read by the third day of vacation! It was everything I had expected. and even if you never watched an episode of The Hills in your whole life you will still understand and even laugh at this book.
So once we got back from vacation she asked if I wanted her to send me the next book.....ummm..YES!!!! And sadly again I had the book read in just a few short sad!
But as lack luster as a book review that this is...if you want just a fun, relaxing read I definitely recommend both these books (and I think there is a 3rd one out or in the works). So grab a cold beverage, lay by the pool and enjoy the last days of summer with this super fun read!


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