Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good News....finally!

I got a new job!!!!!!! Sorry, I have been holding that in for awhile now. We are moving back to Ohio and are so excited about it. We will be very close to Josh's family and not too far from my family. Words can not express how excited I am. On the flip side, I am also scared, nervous and very anxious about the whole thing. Next weekend, my mom and I are going to go look for a place for us to live. Then we leave for our previously planned vacation to Las Vegas (beyond excited) then we come back and BAM! we move and I start my new job. I know it will be super crazy and hectic but I can not wait.

My new job is at a community college which I think I will enjoy and will open lots of new opportunities for me and Josh will be going back to school (and maybe I will be too!) YAY!

Well, I will keep updating as new stuff happens, but I have to get busy packing up our apartment!



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