Friday, August 19, 2011

Is August really 1/2 way over??

Where did the summer go? I mean seriously how is it August 19th and I will be turning 27 in 10 days? I am so not ready to say goodbye to this summer. I am sad I have been such a bad blogger but not sad that is was because I was out enjoying the only nice weather we see here in Ohio.

Last week I drove up to Toledo (on a school night haha) to see the rescheduled Lady Antebellum concert. And even though I had to wait an extra month (Hillary's grandmother passed away when they were supposed to perform in July) it was well worth the wait. I just love them and will be downloading their album 1st thing on September 13th :) So excited.

If you follow me on Twitter (@jessbay829) you know that my littlest brother was in the hospital this week. Thankfully he is home and recovering a little bit more each day. But let me just say listening to my sister say "I miss my mommy" followed by screaming for 4 hours the one night was NO FUN! Best birth control ever. I just wanted to say to her I miss your mommy too and cry with her cause there was just nothing else I could do :( But, all is well and good now.

In other holy Sh*t I am a grown up news...I went and looked at some townhouses last night..hated them but at least I met our realtor and gave her an idea of what I like.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the last buts of summer :)


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