Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today was fun and exhausting. We cleaned the entire apartment...paritally because it really really needed cleaning and kinda because Josh's parents are coming to visit next weekend.But I do love cleaning and getting rid of the extra junk we have accumulated the past 10 months (which surprisingly is a lot). I love being able to acutal close the closet doors and feel like we accomplished something. Yay being clean.

Then I planted some flowers..which was more fun than I anticipated. On a whim last night we bought some flower hanging things, and all that other stuff. I felt like such a grown up (I know I am a grown up) buying something for us and our apartment. I am so not play in the dirt kinda girl but I really liked planting the flowers.

Then I made some dinner..and now I am heading out the door to do some spring shopping. Maybe some bowling tonight...



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