Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do you ever just want to....

be mad...not at anyone, just at everyone for no reason at all, just hate the world and pretend like all your problems are don't exist the top of your lungs and not care if everyone or no one hears you just scream to feel some sort of release in your life

cry...and cry and cry until you are so emotionally drained the next thing you want to do is sleep

run...away, far far away and pray that bills, work, and hardships will never be able to catch up

sleep...for days and for the first time in three years wake up and not be in pain the doctors who say nothing is wrong with you, at the family members who can't begin to understand the pain you are in and all the people who say "you're too young to be in that much pain"...yea no shit. you have millions of dollars

get in the car...and drive and drive and drive with no cares or responsibilities in the world

be lazy...and not feel like a big fat ass for doing it

dream...big fat crazy dreams with no limits and have the faith in yourself to achieve them

give up...cause honestly your too tired and sick of trying and just don't know how much more you can take


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