Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Lifeline...My Mom

Today is my Mom's birthday, the last family birthday of 2009, seems crazy to me that this year is almost over. I rarely get to spend my Mom's birthday with her since in college it was always finals week and now its just too hard to get home with the holidays right around the corner.I talk about my relationship with my mom a lot on this blog and I know she is a loyal reader as well. My mom is 100% the reason I have made it this far in my life. I would have never survived college without her support and love to help me along the way, to take care of me when I was sick (which was A LOT in college), and to be there every time I told myself I wasn't gonna make it. She is the one person who has had faith in me when I didn't have any faith in myself.

As I continue to grow up (does that process ever really end) I see a whole lot of her in me. It took me many years to appreicate the "You look just like your mother" comments and to realize that I do indeed look exactly like my mother and I am turning into my mother one day at a time. My Mom has been the rock and the strength of our family. She raised my brother and I by herself and as now begun the strange journey of taking care of her parents.

In the past couple of days things have not been so easy or kind between my mother and I. But on her birthday and always she will always be my mom, the reason I am here and I reason I have survived the past 25 years and the reason I go home (not to mention she makes some amazing cookies).

So Mom, Happy Birthday, I love you forever and always!

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