Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to the 2000's

Can you believe it? The 2000's are almost gone, and it still sounds so weird to me to say 2010, someone on facebook said it best "it sounds so futuristic" .so true.

Well when I actually sat down and thought about the past 10 years it surprised me how defining this decade has been in my life. In this decade I have: graduated from high school, college and graduate school (WOW), learned how to drive, learned how to drink (ha!), got my 1st and 2nd big girl jobs, finally got a sister, became an Aunt, moved more times than I care to share, made some awesome new friends, lost touch with some awesome old friends, fell in love, fell out of love, got my heart broken, broke some hearts, learned how to let go of the past and embrace the future, and have amazingly made it to 25 relatively quickly.

It absolutely boggles my mind to even think about where my life will be in the next 10 years?!?! Crazy!!

I don't really make new year's resolutions but I have decided that in 2010 I am going to 1.) take better care of myself 2.) Try really hard to save money 3.) Do more work for chairities or just find more ways to help others

Wishing you all the best 2010!

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  1. I need to save money too, maybe we can help each other out with that! haha