Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny Saturday

This past Saturday we decided to have a lunch date at Chipotle then do some shopping. As we are sitting eating our lunch I look outside and see a guy blowing up an inflatable smoothie (there is a smoothie place right next to Chipotle) I then come to realize there is a PERSON inside the inflatable smoothie dancing on the street to attract people to Smoothie Cafe. Funny, all by itself. Then leave it to the interesting staff of Chipotle to wrap one of their workers in foil and send him outside to give the smoothie dude a run for his money. We had a good laugh.
Then we needed to go buy a baby shower gift for a friend of ours and we walk into Babies R Us and the 1st thing Josh says as we walk in the door...."It smells like poop in here" I just about died of laughter. Needless to say parenthood is quite far away for us, as the stories from that store could be a whole post by itself.

So that was my Saturday full of just random funniness. Hope you all had a great Monday!

1 comment:

  1. hahahhahahaha!!!

    love those costumes and the poop comment!