Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The post in which I complain about our apartment

Ok Y'all (nope I am not from the south just found it fitting lol)

In my Christmas post I talked about all the heating element gifts we got for gifts and now I am going to explain why my family buys me heaters and blankets for the holiday.

We live in a rather nice apartment complex, and pay a pretty penny to live here. I knew the second we pulled into the complex that I wanted to live here so bad. It has a pool, a work out room, I feel safe, we have great, wonderful neighbors that live below us and we are right in the hub of town. There are no joke 4 grocery stores within a 2 mile radius of our apartment.

Ok enough of the happy stuff lol.

Our apartment is FREEZING cold. This summer I had to fight and fight for the air conditioning to get fix, the a/c ran and ran and ran for hours on end. Now our heat refuses to actually heat the house....it's a little frustrating.

We went and bought plastic for the windows, it didn't help.

We are still in the process of politely arguing our way with the rental office to get some sort of solution but I am doubtful. But it is cold...like I sleep with 3 shirts on, 3 blankets and I shiver when I get out of the shower...not a good time.

We sorta think our landlord is just going to let us out of our lease so he can get rid of us but I am in no mood to even think about moving in the middle of winter, nor do we have anywhere to go.

So in a nutshell my family isn't crazy when they buy us random heating devices for Christmas, we are just in fact...cold


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