Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

As I drove the 2 hours from my Dad's house to our apartment yesterday I really tried to think about how I felt about 2010. All in all it wasn't much to write home about but I feel like I have more recollection of the bad than the good, but I think that's pretty common.

I do make New Year's Resolutions..sometimes I stick to them sometimes I don't.

I am continuing my three resolutions from 2010, not because I didn't stick with them but just think they are overall good ways to live: Be healthier, save money, continue to give back and volunteer.

But on that lovely drive yesterday I thought of an addition to the list: try harder.
I think there are a lot of areas in my life that just happen without a whole lotta effort.

I want to try harder at work and put more effort into being the best I can be for the students
I want to try and be a better friend. I think that Facebook and texting makes it so easy to know what is going on with people without calling or actually talking to them.
I want to try harder at fostering my relationships with a lot of people
and just try harder to be a good woman that my parents can be proud of.

I think 2011 has a lot of wonderful things in store for us and hope for you too!


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