Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things I am looking forward to...

As if I haven't said it a million times on here things have just been crazy here non stop since the move in August, so I have decided to list some exciting things I am looking forward to

-Tomorrow... I have the day off work and can't wait to sleep in and just get some stuff done around the apartment

Thanksgiving...I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off of that week and I love going shopping on Black Friday with my mom and I am super excited to spend the holiday with Josh since he is usually working but is going to be able to come and spend time with my family

Our cruise..really no explanation needed to be excited about a Caribbean cruise...I can already feel the sand between my toes

Christmas...this is an oddity on the list cause I am never really excited about this holiday but it is my niece's first Christmas and I am just really happy to be closer to home this year

Viva Las Vegas...an unexpected excitement...I got approved to go to Las Vegas for a work conference and I am excited to go back (yes, we were just there in August) I get to stay at the Mirage, which I have never stayed at before, so it is destined to be a good time.

So instead of being down in the dumps there is a ton of things going on over here to be happy about!


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