Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim and Gram

Today is my brother's and my grandma's birthday! I talk a lot about my relationship with my brother in this post but don't think I ever really talked about my gram and I. When my parents divorced my grandma retired so that she could take care of us while my mom went back to work, we also lived in her and my grandpa's house for a short time right after we moved back to Youngstown. My grandma took amazing care of us, she would pick us up from school, make sure we got our homework done, fed us dinner and then send us home and do it all again the next day. I am so grateful for the fun and adventures her and I have had over the years.

I have begun to watch my grandparents get older and watch my mom start taking care of her mom and even begun feeling me trying to take care of my mom. It's funny how roles seem to reverse as time goes on.

I see a lot of her in me as I get older, and I see a lot of my mom in me (but that's a whole different post). My gram maybe crazy and have weird ways of doing things, and may still think I am a lost little girl who she can advise but I know there isn't anything in this world she would not do for me. I have her to thank for so many things: my love for craft shows, my massive Wizard of Oz collection, my undergraduate degree that her and my gramps helped pay for and so many great holidays, weekdays, weekends and just helping me become the woman that I am today. She doesn't have a computer and wouldn't know how to operate it if she did so I know she won't see this but Happy Birthday Gram and Jim, I love you both very much!

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