Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend with my Momma!

My wonderful mother came to visit this past weekend and I loved having her here. She always says she feels like she is on vacation when she is here :) We laid low on Friday night with dinner at Cracker Barrel mostly cause Josh will never go there with me. Then we hit up Kohl's for some super sales and Sonic for some milkshakes. YUM!!!

The weather forecast was unpleasant on Saturday but we were determined to get a trip at the zoo (I love having a membership) in so we got up early and headed that way, and as we were leaving it started to rain...we are awesome. Then came the impossible task of deciding where to go to dinner, I swear we have every restaurant known to man here in town. So we decided to hit up a locally owned Japanese Steakhouse hibachi place and it was so stinkin cool. They cooked the food on the table and we just had a great time.

Obviously the rest of Saturday involved the scary tornadoes (see post below) then sadly Mom had to head back home on Sunday.

But it was a great weekend and I am so excited that I have plenty of more fun weekends ahead filled with all sorts of visitors!


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