Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday, First Edition

Today I am thankful for a great deal of simple things....
So thankful for my family for coming up and visiting last weekend, even though it was by far the hottest, most humid weekend ever they didn't let that stop them
Thankful that my sister survived her very 1st sleepover and it was at
my house...I got no sleep getting up every 5 seconds to check on her but it was so worth it
So thankful for my wonderful friends, near and far who no matter what I know I can call and they will say "I'm just gonna let you cry for a minute" knowing that will make me feel much better
And let's be honest and trivial....I am so thankful for cold iced tea, air conditioning and that I have a pool about 20 feet away from my front door, oh yes and thankful for sunscreen cause this heat/humidity is killing me
Last but no least, so thankful for the opportunity to reunite with some very special sorority sisters this weekend! Can't wait to see my girls!

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