Friday, December 10, 2010

One of the best moments in my life

I am finding more and more as I get older to appreciate the smaller things and moments in life and have definitely begun to value things a lot differently. As you all know my little sister Lauren is 5 years old and is just hilarious. She is obsessed with Tay*lor SwiFt which is funny cause I too at 26 years old am a big fan. Well Josh bought me her new CD several weeks ago so last time I visited the kids (Thanksgiving week, to be there for Austin's final leg surgery) I told Lauren that I was gonna put Taylor's new CD on her Itunes *yes she has her own Itunes playlist* So I ran out to my car and put the songs on her play list. There is a song on the album titled "Never Grow Up" and from the first moment I listened to it I immediately thought of her so she climbed up in my lap and I played the song for her. (You can find it on youtube but lovely blogger wouldn't let me load it :( )
Part of me knows she doesn't really get things 100% but while I was playing the song she just grabbed my hand and looked at me and smiled and I swear it was the most incredible bonding moment ever. I know a lot of 26 year olds would much rather be doing 1000 different things but there is no where else I would ever want to be than to be part of her life. I know we may be 20 years apart but we will always have an unbreakable bond that I will cherish forever.

How can you not love her???

After we listened to some other songs, we watched a movie and she fell asleep holding my hand so I scooped her up and put her to bed....PRICELESS!!


  1. That is such a cute story! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. how sweet... we love taylor around here :]