Saturday, December 18, 2010

Outfit Failure

I have always loved getting dressed up for Christmas Eve for church and then for our family gathering at my Grandma's . I think my mom always forced a dress on me so now I am cursed for life lol. Well I was so excited because I had this whole freakin cute outfit planned out. I had bought a cute pocketed black skirt this summer from Old Navy and then found a cute cardigan online (during Old Navy's BOGO Sale whoo hoo) so I bought some black tights to go with it.

Well after a what felt like a million days my Old Navy package came and I tore into it like a kid at Christmas to try on my awesome holiday outfit. Well, outfit was an epic failure :(
I look absolutely ridiculous in know its bad when our boyfriend says "you look like you about to go teach"I personally thought I looked older and like a nun ugh!

the sweater and skirt look cute without the tights but hello I live in OHIO, it's December and it's beyond cold out.

So change of plans......outfit left to be determined.

I love the cardigan and it looks good with black pants so I guess that's an option but I really wanted to jump on the tights bandwagon and look super cute for the holiday.

Hope you are having a good Saturday!

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  1. ugh this happens to me all the time and i absolutely hate when i have an outfit all planned out and it turns out to be a big fat fail. so frustrating.

    i'm sure you will look adorable no matter what! :]