Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 things you have learned about friendship

Due to my unexpected snow day today I actually have time to blog! This is my first top 2 Tuesday and what a great topic!

I have been so blessed to have wonderful friends but as I grow up I am continuing to learn more and more about true friendship.

1. Being a friend and having a friend takes work on both ends

I have friends all over the country and we are all very busy with our own lives but in order to maintain those friendships it is important to work on them all the time. Whether it's making sure to call at least once a month, sending cards in the mail, chatting on facebook or anything that lets them know you are thinking of them.

My bestie Kristen and I try to talk at least every other week on the phone most times when one of us is driving to or from home.

But sometimes is just about being there when they need you.

2. Friendship knows no age

I have truly found that age is not a factor in friendship. My 5 year old sister is honestly one of my best friends, sometimes our conversations make no sense but she is still one of the best people I know. Also, on the other end I work with some women who are old enough to be my mother and I find those friendships invaluable as well.

And of course, it is perfectly wonderful to be friends with your mother.


  1. Very true that friendship knows no age!

  2. I completely agree! Age is not a factor! My mother is my very best friend, and I couldn't be more proud of it. :)