Thursday, October 15, 2009

Being a "big" sister

Since we have moved we have been going non stop, which is probably the reason I am so tired and think I am getting sick but in my opinion it has all been worth it. As most of you know, I LOVE being a big sister to the boys and Lauren. They truly light up my life, but this weekend I had a small glimpse into motherhood and to be 100% honest I don't think I am ready for that at all.

I took 3 of the 4 kids to an apple/pumpkin farm near their house for their annual Fall Fest. We had all gone as a family several years ago but I wanted to just have a fun afternoon, with just me and them. I must mention that the day before we went it rained the entire day and I knew it was going to be a muddy mess, and it was. We climbed in the tree house, the boys went through the corn maze, Lauren and I roasted marshmallows and the 2 little ones jumped on a bouncy house, we ate some snacks and then after all of us almost getting stung by bees, I decided it was time to leave.

As a way to give my step mom some more quite time we went to the mall where Andrew picked out his birthday gift (a video game) and we played glow in the dark miniature golf. Lauren got tired half way through but we finished and went home.

Let me just say, being their big sister is the most rewarding experience in my life, but they are EXHAUSTING. I was so tired when we got home and they all just wanted to keep going and going. Not that it is important but it is also amazing how easy it is to spend money on kids without even realizing it. Not to mention how hard it is to keep track of them (don't worry I got them all home in 1 piece). But at 25 I was certain that I would have at least one child by now, and after seeing a car seat in my tiny little Jetta I don't think my life is even remotely close to being equipped for children.

All in all it was a successful but muddy day at the farm and mall. Regardless of any mishaps, I love being able to watch these kids grow up and become little people with opinions and interests. I am so truly blessed with the life that I have been given and the family that I love.

I also have some fun and exciting news that I will be posting about very stay tuned!

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  1. that sounds like so much fun! I have been dying to go to our local pumpkin patch!