Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Little Boy

It almost pains me to write this: my littlest baby brother turns 9 today!! Sweet Andrew is honestly the family comedian and entertainer. He always has something random and funny to say but at the same time spends a great deal of his time sitting back and watching the rest of us. As a child Andrew was usually playing by himself trying not to get caught up with the older two boys. It has been so fun to watch him grow and change, especially since Lauren was born. He has taken the big brother role very seriously and takes such good care of her. He loves soccer and baseball and video games and is trying desperately to be a little boy but fit in with his teenage older brothers all at the same time.

I wish this picture was not so dark and blurry but this is Andrew break dancing at our older brother's wedding. Best thing ever! He has already taught Lauren the robot and the soulja boy dance, like I said he is quite the entertainer.

So Happy Birthday to my sweet baby brother, who I love so much and am so proud of! You are an incredible little boy and I love being here to watch you grow up!

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