Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Since we are nearing the birth of my older brother's daughter I decided this post should be about him and I and our trials and tribulations as children.

Jim and I are very different. I have always seen him as the faster, smarter, more popular one out of the two of us. He has always just done what he worries. Growing up, it was always just him, me and my mom and we had a great time just the three of us. I think my brother would deny being the typical "older protective brother" type. He usually let me make my own mistakes and clean up the mess afterward. But here are just some snapshots of my life and my older protective brother that I wouldn't trade for the world.

When I was a little girl, he used to help me put my socks on. Looking at that now, I don't see how this task was so difficult but I do remember him telling me to "put your foot up" and he would put my socks on.

As we grew up we would spend time at my Dad's on some weekends and holidays and as a small little girl I remember crying at night because I missed my Mom and it was just weird not having here there to tuck me in. I remember my brother always comforting me until I fell asleep or just making the whole ordeal make sense.

When we got to high school he was my ride to and from school and thankfully I never had to ride a bus in high school. I know it got on his nerves cause I always wanted to get to school early and he always wanted to sleep in and we had to pick up the whole neighborhood of his friends. But I remember he used to send me notes while I was in Math class letting me know if he could give me a ride home that day or not because of his baseball practices. Luckily some of my friends could take me home...but he always wanted to make sure I didn't get stranded.

I could go on and on about good memories of Jim and I. I could also go on and on about how we have fought, yelled, pushed and pulled at each other for the past 24 years. But no one on this whole planet will ever understand me the way that he does. And yes,we still do fight and bicker at times but I am so proud of him.

So in the next few weeks when my big brother becomes a Daddy I know that little girl will have a lifetime of memories with the best guy I know.

That's it for now...

Jess Bay


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