Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kids these days

I must admit I have many (ok lots!) of times when I question if working with college students is really what I want to do or moments when I think is this really my life. I hear great stories of drunken nights, sorority drama and plenty of complaining about classes and professors. But moments like last night remind me of why I love my job and my students

As Josh put it this supposed to look like chaos...yes, yes it is. This picture is from our quick stop at Penn State's Dance Marathon lovingly known to us as "Thon". As you can see the Bryce Jordan Center (Penn State's Basketball Arena) was jammed packed with college students staying awake for 46 hours to raise money for the Four Diamonds fund at Hershey Children's Hospital to help kids with cancer. The Grand Total was 7.49 million dollars raised by Penn State students all throughout PA.
I honestly had no idea what to expect last night when we walked in but all I can say is that it is indeed a memory I will hold dear to my heart.
I hear a lot of crap about college students and "kids these days" and on some days I am sure that I would agree. But what people don't see on the front page of the papers is "kids these days" standing out in the freezing cold "canning"and "kids these days" giving hours upon hours of their time figuring our better ways than last year to raise money even in these tough econmic times or "kids these days" coming together to make a change and putting their bodies through 46 hours of no sitting or sleeping.
So today I sit here proud of all my "kids" and so grateful that I get to work with kids these days.
I've said it before and I'll say it again...they will change the world.
Jess Bay


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