Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh Monday

Dang I'm tired..and it is really Monday AGAIN?!?!

Nothing really new or exciting going on. I still have to wait until next Thursday for my ultrasound but I am feeling a little bit better. I really am hoping we can make the trip to Youngstown this week. If no baby by Thursday, my sister in law will be induced so it would be perfect timing for us to meet her! I worked like hell to get her baby blanket done this weekend and I am so excited to give it to her. This is the longest I have been away from home since we moved here and I am praying Josh will get the time off and I will be holding that baby girl very soon!!!

Oh and cutest thing ever...I was talking to my dad yesterday and he put little Lauren on the phone and she says.."Jessie (she is one of the few permitted to call me that) I pray for you today, and Josh, and Jim baby, and Candi and Jim!" Then she had a 2.3 second convo with Josh on the phone. She is just growing up so fast it kills me.

Well, not too much else is going on...


Jess Bay


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