Thursday, February 26, 2009

I suck...I know

I know...I know..I promised I would update and here we are on Thursday with no new updates. I don't even have an excuse just that I have been super tired and super busy. But really..that is nothing new.

I guess the only news I have is that my ultrasound came back A OK so I guess there is no immediate concern...which is good news.

Jenny (my Jetta) had to get a new windshield this week...$200 dollars gone down the drain. Long story careful changing your windshield wipers (lol love you babe!)

Not to end on a depressing note...but I really miss my friends. It is funny how you don't realize how much you need people til they aren't around (or in the next room, office or floor) anymore. Sometimes I feel like I am just falling apart at the seams and I dump a lot of crap on Josh everyday when I get home. And it's not like I want to dump my crap on my friends but I would just die to have them around again if nothing more than to just sit around and watch stupid reality shows with.

I am heading to King of Prussia Mall this Saturday. I have never been there before so maybe that will help me relieve some stress by SHOPPING. I am also planning to meet Kyle for lunch, considering I have not seen him since we broke up I am nervous but I am most definitely sure it will be good for me.

Peace out!

Jess Bay


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