Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday' Walk Down Memory Lane

Considering this weekend is Valentine's Day I thought I was reminisce about our first Valentine's Day together, which was last year.

First and foremost, I love Valentine's Day, it is very strange I know but I just do. I was super sad that I was going to be all alone on v-day. Kristen was in Japan and Josh was still in Toledo and had to work, so he was planning on coming to see me that weekend my evening class had been cancelled that night, so I planned on a quiet night alone at my apartment, sad as it was. But to my surprise Josh had other plans.

I hate surprises,my life is not conducive to them... I just always like to have a plan. So that day I went into work like every other day. Josh had called and said he was going to the grocery store and would just talk to me later that night after work, no big deal. Then one of the students at the front desk called and told me I had a delivery so I told her to bring it back to my office. Well my delivery was a dozen red roses from Josh...I was so excited and figured that was his way of letting me know that although we couldn't be together he was still thinking about me. The work day progressed and since I didn't have class that night I tried to get all my stuff done so I could head home early, but Candy kept trying to get to stay later with her (which was not really that odd since we practically lived in those offices) so I stuck around. Around 3:30 Josh called again, which was odd and was do I get to your office? So confused I was like WHAT? You are not here...there is no way! Well, he was there wandering around the university surprising me for Valentine's Day. I was soooooo excited to see him, since back then we never saw each other.

I later found out Candy was in on the whole thing. She got him our address at work for the flowers and the directions to school and the plot to get me to stay...dang facebook conspiracy. LOL but I love her for it.

So we went out to dinner and I wasn't alone for my favorite day. He is crazy and drove back to Toledo then back to Akron the next day.

I know a lot of people think Valentine's Day sucks if your single but I think it is a great day to show everyone, friends, family, boyfriends and girlfriends that you love and care about them.

So to everyone who reads this...Happy Valentine's Day. Regardless if you are near or far...I love you and miss you!!!

Jess Bay


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