Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Little Lauren

Welcome Back to Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane! My favorite part of the week!

This Sunday my beautiful little sister will turn 4...I have no idea where the last 4 years have gone. So I thought it would be fitting to write about the day I found out I was having another sibling.

I was a junior in college, 20 years old. My own life, my own issues, very selfish etc. etc. I was working at my on campus job when my cell phone rang and rule number one while working at the information desk was never answer your cell phone. Well I knew if my Dad was calling something had to be up or I just always assume the worst, so being the rule breaker that I am...I answered it. We made small talk and then I finally said "Dad..I'm at work what's going on?" and he replied "Are you sitting down?" Which is never good..ever. I replied yes Dad I am sitting down. " We are having another baby"... he said and I jokingly replied...another one???? Truth be told I was very excited but also very scared and honestly I think my Dad was pretty scared too.

A little older brother now 27 and I are very close, me 24, my parents divorced. My Dad and my step mom have Austin, 14 who I was super close to while he was growing up, Zack 12 who is very much like me and here is where it gets tricky Andrew is now 8 years old. I was in high school when he was born and shortly after went to college. I never got to see that little boy and we do not have a very close relationship (as close as you can be with an 8 year old I guess) but when my Dad said he was having another baby and I was on the cusp on graduating college I was convinced I would never see this child and it would never know it's big sister.

I don't really remember when they told me it was going to be a girl..I think I was so excited dates and times didn't really matter. Lauren Morgan is the best thing that ever happened to or family. She is the reason I moved closer to home for graduate school and has brought our family a lot closer together. She is our little princess, spoiled rotten, and the bossiest little girl I know. I wish I could hang out with her everyday...because she just makes me laugh.

I know the years will continue to fly by and soon she will be in school, dating, driving and making me crazy. But she lights up my world and I love her and miss her every day.

So happy 4th Birthday to my favorite little sister!
Jess Bay


  1. Little sis is adorable! My oldest is 18 and my youngest is 1, so we kind of have the same issue here with huge age differences. My kids love it though - and it sounds like you do too! :)

    Thanks for sharing Lauren with us. I love the name too.

  2. Cute little girl! I have a 21 year-old, a 16-year-old and a 3-year-old. Our family can relate to your experience! Sam loves his big brother and sister and they love him.

  3. This is neat! I absolutely love babies, and toddlers, and little kids and bigger kids and preteens and teens and every age as long as the Lord keeps giving me grandkids that grow up I will continue to love them.

    I think you realised this and now you are seeing how special it is that God blessed your family with your little sister.

    God is the one that creates life and He knows what He is doing. We just need to appreciate all that He gives us huh!

    I am glad that you love your little sister and that you shared this story and pictures with us today. It makes me want to thank the Lord that He is in control instead of us. Cuz we don't know what we need,...and He always does.

    God is good ,...all the time! Amen?

    Love, Linda

  4. Awwww!!! That is so sweet! How lucky she is to have you for a big sister!