Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh it was fun while it lasted

Spring break is over....insert super sad face :(. The students are back crazier than ever and it seems like I got nothing done last week. I took 2..only 2 days off and feel like I was gone a does that happen????

But let's be honest...I love that the students are back, they certainly keep things interesting. Last weekend was the only weekend (except Easter) that I do not have to work at least one day so I went on a super fun shopping trip with my mom and my cousins in Columbus. I never realized how much I miss the city..not that living in Akron/Fairlawn was the city but compared to here it definitely is.

I am so ready for Spring and baseball season. I am not really a sports girl (I leave all of that to Josh) but I love the Cleveland Indians and can't not wait to see that cute little Grady Sizemore out in center field. So exciting. And I know I am at least going to one game with my Dad since that was his Christmas present this year.

Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

No new exciting news here...I am excited for March Madness only because somehow I get super lucky and my bracket does really well! Speaking of...I better go work on that!

Goooooo Zips!!

Jess Bay


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