Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 completely random things about me

Several of my blog "friends" have been doing this so I thought I would join in...although 100 is

100.) I love the color pink
99.) I used to hate wearing sneakers...now I live for days when I can
98.) As Josh so nicely put it last night...I am most comfortable in jean capri's, flip flops and a hoodie
97.) I want to move to the south so bad...but will never do it unless I convince my whole family to move there too
96.) There are many things and moments in my life I wish I could go back and change
95.) I stare at a computer about 17 hours a day..its terrible for my eyes
94.) I am a push over and all my students know it and use it against me all the time
95.) Sometimes I wish I would have given teaching a chance before going to grad school
94.) I grew up way too fast...not cause anyone made me...just cause I did.
93.) I hope and pray that all my grandparents live to see me get married
92.) I also hope and pray that at some point in my life my whole family will be together in one room and not kill each other
91.) I love country music ( I got it from my Dad)
90.) I love to read...(Got that from him too!)
89.) I can never make anything taste as good as my mom's version of it
88.) I am too organized...its annoying to most people
87.) I think I should be a better daughter,granddaughter, sister, friend and girlfriend and beat myself up about it all the time
86.) I wish I went to church more
85.) I want to lose weight...but like chocolate too much to really try
84.) My middle name is spelled wrong on my birth certificate
83.) I already have my unborn children named
82.) Joining a sorority changed my life forever
81.) Baseball is my favorite sport
80.) I want a tattoo on my foot
79.) I worked at Chili's for 3 years on and off in college
78.) I won an award from my undergrad's Student Senate
77.) Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on my 21st b-day and I remember feeling guilty celebrating while all those people were undergoing such devastation
76.) Cherry Coke is by far the best thing in the world
75.) so are twix bars
74.) I can not go to bed mad
73.) I love reality tv
72.) I want to have kids so I can go places like the zoo, the circus and other fun kids places again and not look like a weirdo
71.) My favorite holiday is the 4th of July
70.) Living with Kristen for two years was the funnest thing ever and no doubt saved my life
69.) I miss the city...a lot
68.) I wish I talked to my Dad more
67.) My dream house must have a porch swing
66.) This is getting really hard to think of stuff
65.) I went to Catholic school for 4 years
64.) I used to be a tomboy when I was little
63.) I want to be 2 inches taller...thats it!
62.) I wear high heels everyday to work...they all hurt my feet
61.) I look just like my mother
60.) I wish we could have picked up my childhood house and moved it to our new land
59.) My mom took me out to dinner to tell me we were moving and I cried at the table..in public...I was in college..not my finest moment
58.) I cry a lot..when I'm happy, sad, mad or just cause I don't know what else to do
57.) I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
56.) I want to get Lasik eye surgery
55.) I really want to go to California one day
54.) I want to get married in Mexico....but don't worry it wont happen
53.) I have a newly found love of hummus
52.) Salad I make at home is never as good as in the restaurants
51.) I am sad that my grandparents took down the hand made swing set in their back yard
50.) I am half way done with this thing!
49.) I miss going to the race track with my mom and step dad
48.) I have not written in pencil since high school....
47.) I used to have a nice signature...work has ruined that
46.) Sometimes I am my own worst enemy
45.) I would rather do things myself most of the time rather than asking for help
44.) I really want to start twittering
43.) I feel like I know the people who's blogs I follow and hope to someday have followers of my own
42.) I want a blog button so if anyone knows how to do that...let me know!
41.) As much as my students drive me nuts...I am going to miss them next year when they transfer campuses.
40.) I suck at directions
39.) I can't believe I have friends who are having babies!
38.) I have a wedding dress and I don't care what anyone says..I will wear it when I get married.
37.) My friend Candy keeps me sane in the insane world of student activities
36.) I love giving/sending cards to people
35.) I love that when I go back to Ohio not much has changed
34.) Josh and I are completely different...and although it causes lots of challenges I wouldn't have it any other way
33.) I am starting to forget things about my life...I need to start writing more stuff down
32.) People who are late annoy me
31.) I check my email like 100 times a day
30.) I would really like to be on a talk show one day
29.) Swimming with the dolphins is so cool...if you have not done it..you should
28.) I am a drama queen at times...but I'm ok with it
27.) It took me moving away to really appreciate my family
26.) I have been to Las Vegas 3 times and would still go back given the chance
25.) My greatest accomplishment is yet to be determined
24.) I am not a good gift giver
23.) I love themed restaurants (Hard Rock Cafe, Rain forest Cafe etc)
22.) I think going on the cruise saved Josh and I's relationship
21.) I wish my mom knew how proud I am of her
20.) I am really lucky to have 4 really great parents who love and support me
19.) As crazy as we are I love all my siblings very much
18.) I want to have a building named after me someday
17.) I should really be doing work instead of writing this
16.) My life would be in shambles without post it notes
15.) Lilacs are my favorite flower
14.) I need to take more pictures
13.) I need to have more patience
12.) I wish my birthday wasn't during the first week of the fall semester all the time
11.) I am afraid of all natural disasters
10.) I hate driving in the snow
9.) I have no "real" talent...like singing or dancing or anything like that
8.) I do not want to turn 25
7.) I still have "my" room at my parents house
6.) I hate when I go home and there is no good food there
5.) I never got sunburn until my senior year trip to Florida
4.) I l-o-v-e- the beach
3.) I will always be an Ohio girl at heart
2.) I just want to be happy
1.) I am finally done



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