Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday's Walk

So I thought I would stick with tradition and talk about whoever's birthday is up and coming and that would be Austin the first of the many small siblings in my life. He will be 15 tomorrow and for some reason this feels hard to accept. I was 10 years old when my dad and step mom (Kerry) told me they were going to have a baby. They put my brother and I on the patio while they told my grandparents first then brought us in to share the news. I was so excited...and I really wanted a little girl but I guess you can't win them all (haha) but at 10 years old I vowed to be the best big sister ever. I wanted to do something really special for him since he was really the first baby in my life ever so I decided I was going to make him a blanket. Keep in mind at 10 years old I have no sewing or knitting abilities or no money so this was going to be harder than I thought. Fortunately I have a wonderful aunt who assisted me in my grand project and the yellow blanket with cute little bears was made and I did actually sew some of it. This blanket has since been used by the rest of the many small siblings.

There is one memory I distinctly remember about Austin being a baby. It was the first time he fell asleep in my arms. Just feeling him and watching him was amazing and I have known from that moment I want nothing more than to be a mom someday.

Then we have the obnoxious memories of his lovely teenager my graduation party for when I got my Master's degree we were all sitting there and I am sure I told him to do something (who knows) but he looks right at Josh and says..."Don't marry my sister, she's bossy". Sad but true...luckily Josh has stuck around.

I give Austin a hard time..a lot. I think mostly cause that is what my big brother did to me so I am just passing the torch but he handles it pretty well. He is an utter clone of the big brother and I won't lie and say it didn't bother me at first but now I see him developing into this little man and it is truly amazing. He is really gonna be 15 did that happen? Where has life gone?

I know I continue to say this but I am so lucky to have been blessed with 5 siblings regardless of their ages. They all continue to teach me new things about life, them and myself.

I wish I had pictures to post today but most of the pics from Austin's younger day are at my mom's house and we didn't have a digital camera back then and I have no scanner. I better get caught up with the times.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy getting to know my crazy family.

Happy Birthday Austin...I love you!

Jess Bay


  1. I'm sure you were a wonderful big sister and a great help to your mom. When I was growing up, I thought it would be the neatest thing to have a baby in the family. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing about your brother. It is encouraging to hear how much you appreciate and love each other.

  3. Happy Birthday, Austin!

    Thanks for sharing about your brother and for participating in this!

  4. I'm with you,...there is nothing like holding a precious sleeping baby! My sister was 8 years older than me and so I was 10 when she had her first baby. It was then that i too realised that I wanted nothing more in muy life than to be a mommy someday.

    I know that you love your little brother and this was a sweet post about him. I hope he has fun being 15.

    Thanks for sharing the memories.
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits