Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My a box

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During my trip to Ohio last weekend, mom and I stopped to pick up Gram to go to my cousin’s wedding shower. Since I was wearing a dress and their puppy likes to jump and scratch I opted to stay in the garage. I began to meander around and remember all the time I had spent playing in that garage as a little girl. I began opening some different cabinets, suspecting to find “grandparent” items like gardening tools and such but was very surprised to find items that I used to play with.

As I begin to dig through this cupboard type apparatus I begin to get nostalgic because I begin to realize my grandparents have not thrown away one single thing my brother and I used to play with. A few minutes pass and my mom returns to the garage ready to go with my gram and yells "What the heck are you doing?" and all I could mutter was..."It's my a box" and closed the cupboard. But I still can't believe they still have all that stuff. I wish I would have taken pictures of ghost busters binoculars, a ping pong paddle with my brother's name and graffiti all over it and so much more. Including the following:

Two of my by far favorite "toys" I used to play with as a child. I honestly wanted to take out the pop it (directly above) and play with my mom, but I didn't. Oh the memories of being little and all the good times my brother!!

What were your favorite toys as a kid??

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  1. What lovely memories found in a garage! I loved playing with my Barbie dolls, but our whole neighborhood would play hide and seek in the evening during summer.

  2. I had an old doll i loved very much. She was lost when we moved. As an adult i've bought a replica of her. She was old when i got her, made long before i was born, but i loved her. A "Toni" doll with blonde hair & she looked like my cousin Sherry, so that was her name.

    I loved my stuffed animals, too. :)

  3. I loved Scaletrix and Brio - except I wasn't allowed it myself because I was a girl... grr. I hated Barbie dolls.

    I did love sylvanian families though. I used to make my whole bedroom into a land where the sylvanian families and trolls lived. Had very diverse families as only had 2 complete family sets. So there was a lot of single parenting, adoption and things going on!

  4. Wow,...that was fun to find your childhood treasures like that. Aren't those kinds of things fun??

    That's why this Memory Walk we do on Wednesdays is so much fun.

    I could sit for hours at a time and re-live my childhood memories. ((smile))

    God is so good to make us with brains that can store memories!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Something about what you did when you were a kid brings back the "fuzzies" doesn't it. God bless!

  6. My childhood in a box! That's cute. :)

    I have warm fuzzies when I think about the things I used to play with - or see them at a garage sale or something.

    I didn't play with the two toys you has pictured, but they look fun.