Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dancing Lessons in the Kitchen

Hello! As you can see I am doing Wednesday's Walk down memory lane on blog, my rules. Yesterday was a super crazy day at work and I just ran out of time. ya go!

No one will be surprised that this post is about me and my Mom. She is my hero and I miss her so much. When I was a little girl growing up it was just me, my mom and my older brother at home. My mom worked most days so my grandparents took care of us after school. Not really relevant to this post but shows what an incredible woman raised me. Some of my favorite memories of my mom are in the kitchen and have nothing to do with cooking/baking. My mom and I would always dance in the kitchen. Just twirl me around and dance to no music, for no reason and most times I am sure I was just getting in her way but it's funny because my parents no longer live in our old house but I still remember dancing with my mom in our teeny tiny kitchen as a little girl. Now, when I go home my Mom and I don't still dance in the kitchen but still find a way to have secret moments with each other that only a mother and daughter can have or understand.

Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music. -- George Carlin

I always like to think that my mom and I will continue to make our own music and our own memories as our family continues to change and grow. But I will always look back and smile as my very own dancing lessons held in my kitchen.

Moms are amazing and I hope I can grow to be half the woman mine is.

Love you Mom!

Jess Bay


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