Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Real Life Grey's Anatomy

First and foremost, I have been a terrible blogger this week but this post will explain everything.

I have not been feeling well at all the past week. I've had weird pains all throughout my body and they seemed to be radiating all over. Not to mention my minor toe procedure which was more painful than ever but thats besides the point. So last night Josh decided that I should go to the hospital and get some tests done to figure out what this pain was. I figured it was a kidney infection, or a kidney stone or maybe just pain from my fibromyalgia but off we went. We arrived at the Altoona hospital around 7:00 p.m. it wasn't that busy so I was hopeful. That hope didn't last long. There was already a really sick guy who looked like death sitting in the waitng room, next came in an older woman who was bleeding with a towel wrapped around her hand...then an ambulance came in, then the highlight of the night..a young man escorted by police hand cuffs and all and the best part was he got right into the time I will remember to come in cuffs for speedy service. There was also a family who's relative had suffered a stroke and was not going to recover from it. My heart went out to them and they were all still in the waiting room when we LEFT the hospital.
To prevent this post from being long and pointless. I finally got back to see a doctor. Dr. Shephard...not McDreamy but a very nice lady nonetheless. She said I could have a kidney infection but they were going to do a CT scan to make sure I didn't have any kidney stones.
They wheel me to my CT scan and wheel me back...and we wait....and some Dog Whisperer and Ace of Cakes on the little tv in my "room". Finally the doctor comes in and tells me what is going on. She tells me they are going to give me some antibiotics for my kidney infection but that I also have "bilateral ovarian cysts" meaning I have cysts on both of my ovaries.

My heart dropped and I held back the tears. I asked questions about if they could be cancerous, if I would be able to have babies and the doctor doubted the cancer option and is sure I will be able to have babies.

The doctor left to get my medicine and my emotions got the best of me. I immediately called my mom sobbing. Here on the next day I don't know why I was so upset I just think the news was not what I was expecting. We left the hospital around 11 (four hours later) with some medicine and that I need to get into an OBGYN as soon as I can. So, I am still unsure as to what all this means but at least I have a cause of all this pain and hopefully will be able to feel better soon.

I'll update soon,

Jess Bay


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