Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History made in my lifetime...priceless

When I woke up this morning I honestly didn't think I would really pay attention to the Inauguration today, but it was hard not to. Those of you who know me, know I am NOT a political person at all. I rarely watch the news and I just don't get too invested in all this stuff. But this was the first election I ever voted in..I will save you the math and yes I could have voted 4 years ago but I was a lazy college student who just didn't care. Nonetheless, I voted this year and that is what is relevant. I definitely felt that this was a young person's election, not because of the ages of the people on the ballot but because of the way young people responded. I work on a college campus, I got to see all throughout the fall semester students come together to promote their chosen candiate and on election day I saw the same students, some elated, some disappointed. But they cared..and that is more than I can say about myself back then.

So regardless of who you voted for... today is a great day for everyone. Change is good. Our country will bounce back, we just have to have faith.

So President Obama you have your work cut out for you...Good Luck!

Jess Bay


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