Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Life List...

I have always had this list of things I wanted to dobefore I died. For most of my life this list was merely in my head. But recently I have decided to write this list down. Some may seem very immature or silly but I don't care.

1. See a Broadway musical in New York...I came very close once, but a minor fever and trip to the emergency room ruined that plan
2. Swim with Dolphins.. I just did this one over Christmas on our cruise and all I can say is that it was the coolest thing I have ever done and worth every single cent we spent.
3. Get Married....pretty predictable from everyone.
4. Go to Austrailia...I love to travel, I have been to lots of places in the states and to France but would love to see more places.
5. Own a pair of Jimmy Choo''s shoes, it's silly but I just want one pair, they will probably hurt my feet like every other pair of heels I own.
6. Have my own business...I really want to have a business that is mine. Somedays I want to become an event planner, wedding planner etc. Other days I think being in the resturant business is just in my blood and would like to open my own resturant with my mom.
7. Write a book...either a book helping college kids or a children's book....I love to write (one of the main reasons I started this blog) and would love to use my experiences in college and working at a university to help college kids or their parents. I also love reading to kids, especially my little brothers and sister and would love to write children's books helping them make sense out of divorce and when their parents get remarried etc. I used to find it funny when my little brother's would say well "My dad" did this...they just never really understood he was my dad too we just didn't have the same mom. Very complicated for such a small kids.
8. Own a house....I say all the time that I really don't want one but I do and can't wait to decorate my own space.
9. Get my PhD.....this is a HUGE goal and probably not going to happen for quite some time. But I will definitely go back to school at some point. I am not sure what area I want the PhD in but something along the line of educational adminstration or leadership, organizational communication....who knows!
10. Lastly(for now) I want to have children. I would ideally like 2 girls and a boy but if I am blessed enough to have heathly babies that is all that matters to me. It is odd to say but I think I will be a great Mom. I had a really great teacher!

Well this post was kinda random but it's a lazy Saturday here in PA so I thought I would just share more insight into my life.

Stay Warm,

Jess Bay


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