Monday, January 19, 2009

Grey's Anatomy still teaching me lessons...

I love Grey's Anatomy and yes I know it's Monday but last week was the first week of the semester, had an event and missed the episode. But thanks to full episodes online I caught up this weekend. I used to love to watch it because it reminded me of my life as a graduate assistant, I know I wasn't saving lives or anything but there were certianly days we could all relate to someone at that hospital. Part of this week's episode really hit home with me.

There is a scene with a patient who wants to be taller, just two inches and Dr. Torres and Dr. Sloan are trying to save the mans legs (if you want a more detailed description watch the show). Callie makes a comment about how she used to walk tall, but then George broke her heart, and Erika left her and both took inches off her ability to "walk tall". I know exactly how she feels, I think we all do. Hearts get broken, promises unkept and people just downright disappoint you but you have to still walk tall. Many people know I called off my wedding about a year and a half ago and to be honest not a lot of people know what it did to me mentally and emotionally. I held it in, and hid it from everyone. I faked a smile everyday and did what I had to do to survive and that was it...I was merely surviving I wasn't living. Calling off that wedding and ending a three year relationship and friendship just about cut me off at the knees. I wasn't sure who I was without that person or what I was going to do now that I was alone. But in the end, thanks to the advice of a great friend I took a chance and decided to "walk tall" and went out one night only to find the wonderful man that I now share my life with. I guess my point it yes it is hard, and it hurts but you just have to get back up dust yourself off and keep going. So no matter how hurt you are remember to walk tall and don't just survive life...go out and live it!

Keep your head up,

Jess Bay


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